Hello, Dear Reader!

Welcome to Her Grace’s Library, where all things literary happen. Or so the plan goes. They say that the best way to make the gods laugh is to make a plan, so we shall see. Already I’m going off topic, since books and literature are not the only things that will be here. I also have a child, so there will be kid things. And music. There must be music as well. And science! I am not a scientist, but that doesn’t stop me from opining about it anyway. Also, there WILL be times when I geek out about Star Trek or Firefly or Dr Who or any number of fandom-based shiny things. Consider yourself warned. Oh, and I occasionally get on a soapbox about current events and politics. And by occasionally, I mean all the time.

I’m a bleeding heart liberal atheist with socialist tendencies, who follows scientific findings and discoveries, believes everyone should have all their needs met regardless of their circumstances in life, believes in equality of all kinds, believes in a woman’s right to choose, and who enjoys debate. I welcome differing opinions, but you must be kind to each other, at least on my blog. Verbally beat the shit out of each other elsewhere, but here you will be nice.

All that said, the main purpose for my brand new and shiny blog is to talk about books, literature, history, book reviews, and to write the occasional academic article. My first love is reading, and I agree with the late, great Christopher Hitchens when he said that “It is not snobbish to harbor grave doubts about somebody who seems uninterested in reading for pleasure or recreation.”

So, Reader, let us proceed into the Library!


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