A Conversation with my Brain

I was at a big meeting at work, wherein the room was full of lots of people I didn’t know, when my brain honed in on the woman in front of me and piped up. This is never a good thing.

Brain: Wow. We don’t know her. But her hair’s a mess!

Me: That’s not very nice. She’s probably perfectly nice. Besides, our hair isn’t the greatest, you know.

Brain: No, it isn’t, but honestly. Who cut her hair? Did they use a knife?

Me: Maybe she fell asleep with gum in her mouth and it fell out and she had to chop it all off. It was probably upsetting and traumatic for her.

Brain: Why didn’t she use peanut butter to get it out? Who doesn’t know that trick?

Me: Maybe she’s allergic to peanuts. If Shannon ever gets gum in her hair, we’ll have to do something else to get it out since she’s allergic to nuts.

Brain: She still shouldn’t have fallen asleep with gum in her mouth. She’s lucky it fell out into her hair. She could have choked to death. Hey! We’re chewing gum right now! I kinda really want to put it in her hair.

Me: That would be fun! We’d better get up and leave before we actually do it.

At which point my brain and I were grateful we had a dentist appointment we had to go to which provided us with a reason to leave.

3 thoughts on “A Conversation with my Brain

    • Sounds like you’d been hitting the cold medicine. It makes you think weird things. Oh…and the dreams….just flat out weird. Hey.. Where are the rest of your posts. I only see two. Maybe it’s my stupid smart phone.


  1. Heh! That sounds like the kinds of conversations I have with my brain too. Good to know I’m not the only crazy one. 😀

    I read your most recent post about historical fiction and wrote a LONG reply but then realized I wasn’t logged in and couldn’t remember my wordpress password so after going through all the rigamarole of changing it, my comment was lost. ARGH!

    Liked by 1 person

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