The Medic: Miracle on Hacksaw Ridge

HNS also just published my review of The Medic by Adam Palmer. 

This debut novel by Adam Palmer was a fictionalized account of Desmond Doss, conscientious objector, World War II medic, and war hero. Throughout the novel, Doss’ faith as a Seventh Day Adventist helped sustain him through his training and combat experiences. While it was his actions that earned him the respect of his comrades, Doss credited his religion with his ability to carry out his duties.

The novel highlights how Doss’ religion informed every aspect of his life and was well researched, providing some terrific information, not only about Doss himself but about military culture during World War II.

Palmer had a slight tendency to tell rather than show at times, and the text could use some further editing for adding in some much-needed commas and correcting multiple homonyms. However, these issues do not detract excessively from the narrative. Palmer did a nice job creating a sympathetic, if somewhat unsophisticated, character in Doss.

Readers will be drawn to him and his kindness, and within just a few pages, care about him and hope he makes it home from war in one piece. Recommended for readers with a particular interest in WWII, especially for seeing how religious faith may have played a role in the experiences of some G.I.s.


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