Book-A-Thon – technically day 2

So, I started participating in a book-a-thon I read about on a couple blogs I follow (Viper & Plum and awayinneverland) and decided I probably ought to update. It is a good challenge for me, because between full-time work and a very active four-year-old, I don’t read as much as I used to. I still read every day, far more than many people I know, but by my own standards, it is fairly abysmal. Right now, I’m just reading a Star Trek brain candy novel, which is fun and much-needed. But I am also going to start digging in to A Distant Mirror, which I haven’t read since I was in college. So far, I’ve read a grand total of 8 pages in it, the intro, and am ready to tackle chapter one. Woo.

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