100 Word Trek

I felt like writing a Star Trek something, but didn’t want to go all-out, nor did I feel like writing an actual fan fiction. So I did a drabble, and challenged myself to write only 100 words. No more, no less. It was kind of fun. Here it is.

Picard raced through the steamy jungle.  His mission had suffered massive failure.  He had to evade capture.

A phaser shot barely missed him.  He turned and  blindly fired, hoping to hit his pursuer.  He tripped and  fell flat on his face.

Merde,” he swore.

He heard laughter and knew his pursuer had seen him.  He took off again, firing wildly.  The footsteps were almost on him.  He desperately turned to face his enemy.  He saw only impenetrable jungle.  He looked frantically about.  A phaser blast blew him against a tree.

“You’re dead, Jean-Luc.  I win,” laughed Beverly.  “Computer, end program.”


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