2016 Reading Challenges

Every year, I set myself a certain number of books to read through my Goodreads account. This year, I’m going to try to read 60. Last year, my goal was 50, and I managed 61, which is surprising. I’d like to do more than that, though with a young child and things that interfere in things that I actually want to do, like working full time and, it can be hard. But I’m going to try! Below are the reading challenges I’m shooting for. In addition to these, I’m going to try to read at least two complete series from start to finish without taking a break. I’m planning to read the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, and all of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

readharderchallenge2016_checklist-1By Bookriot


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3 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenges

  1. For your horror book, may I recommend The Lesser Dead by Christopher Buehlman? And for the book based on a fairy tale, Enchantment by Orson Scott Card.

    The Lesser Dead was a different take on vampires and was really horrible, but in a great way!

    Enchantment is based on the Russian version of Sleeping Beauty and has Baba Yaga in it. You know how I love my Baba Yaga stories!!


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