Frontier Highlander


Official HNS review:

Frontier Highlander is the fourth book in Wiley’s American Wilderness Romance Series, featuring Artis McKay and Daniel “Bear” McKee. Both were born and bred in the Scottish highlands, each forced to relocate to America because of the Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries. Where Bear finds a family to raise him, Artis serves as an indentured servant for seven years. They grow up and learn how to survive as adults in their new country. Eventually, of course, the two meet and the plot proceeds predictably from there.

The basic story is not bad at all but the plot lacks a depth of conflict. For example, Bear decides it is time he finds a wife. A few days later, he sets eyes on Artis and from then on, no other woman exists for him. Similarly, Artis has no other love interests to create any tension or concern that she and Bear might not be destined for each other. The revenge plots with Stellan and the thieves failed to cause any concern for Artis or Bear’s safety, and all turns out as blissfully happy as expected. But having said that, for die-hard pure romance fans, this should hold plenty of appeal and be high on the ‘love at first sight’ list.

For readers hoping for more complexity or historical context, it falls short – but that is the difference between straight historical fiction and ‘romance’ historical isn’t it?


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