Treehouse Monster

My daughter, who is six, has decided she also likes to write stories and begged me to put hers on the internet. So I did. I think it’s cute, and not too bad for a little kid. Of course, I’m terribly biased. 🙂

Chapter One

The books

It was almost nigt, and to freinds, little Harry, and little Angilina, were going to the tree house, and they were reading a monster book called ‘the monster of dawn’ and it was scarey.


When they reached the tallest tree, they clilmed the rope ladder. Angalina hoped on and started up. Harry finished his chapter and started up too, but he was slower because he was reading his book. They herd their parents call but they didn’t answer. When Angalina got in the tree house, she didn’t see the owner of the tree house “Elisibith.”

When harry came in, he didn’t see Elisibith either. What he did see was a pile of books about dinos and spaceships and space. I love dinos and space stuff. Did you say dinos and space stuff? Asked Angalina. Yes. Said Harry. Eeeeeeeeww! Said a disgusted Angalina. Well i like them! Shouted Harry. Dinos are dumb and spaceships are Junk! shouted Angalina.

Chapter 2

The alive book monster

img_20170223_213100353While they argued, Harry’s book turned into an alive book monster! It spitted, hissed, roared, and had very, very sharp teeth. We’re under attack! said Harry. Out of the tree house! Out! Out! Roared the monster. Go out! This is my tree house! Roared the monster. No it is not your. It’s Elisibith’s! Said Harry. Would it help to tell you that i’m Elisibith? Roared the monster.

Angalina and Harry gasped in horrer. What if she takes control of all the tree houses in the world?! Said Harry. That wouldn’t be good. Said Angalina. But I have a feeling she’s not. Said Harry. Just in case, lets leave secret cammeras. Said Angalina. Good idea. Said Harry. What are you whispering? Roared the monster. Nothing. Said Harry.

We’ll be going. Said Harry. they both droped the secret cameras in each corner of the tree house. they set them to sound and sight. this way we can see and hear her. said Harry. good idea. Said Angalina.

Elisibith stomped her feet. The tree house wobbled. the tree wobbled. The whole world wobbled. Every person wobbled. That was unexpected. Said Harry. I know, right? Asked Angalina. Right. Said Harry. You two out of here right now! Roared Elisibith.

Now, the planet was falling out of the atmospher. WE have to make it rise! Said Angalina. They done this before. They hugged and it rose up!

It was exiteing, but the earth crumpled and crumpled some more, and then there was only one peice. Uh-oh. Said Harry. Do the same for making the earth rise. Said Angalina.

CHapter 3

A good chance

img_20170223_213146781Noooooo!!! yelled the monster. Just because of that, she threw a fit. After they were done, Harry said “Now would be a good time to esceape”. They started to, but they were caut by Eilisibith.

Since her arms turn invisibele, she rapped her arms around them so they couldn’t run.

Chapter 4

kidnap eascape


As soon as they got armes on them, the were in a dungoen! but they eascaped and the last time the hugged, they made Elisibith nice agin.

The end


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