Lightning Round – Tattoo Atlas

51y1kxrutzl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Tattoo Atlas by Tim Floreen

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Year: 2016

Pages: 370

Source: library hardback

Thoughts: I read this because it fit one of the 2017 Read Harder challenge tasks, and it just sounded good. Overall, I thought it was ok. I thought it could use a little more character development and back story. The ending was, admittedly, totally unsatisfying to me. I had kind of predicted it quite early in the book, but it was something I had hoped would not happen. I highly approve of it for its openly gay main character. More of these, please. In general, I think for teens, this would be a good read and probably have quite the twist. I enjoyed it but the ending ruined it for me because I predicted it and I thought so many other, more interesting things could have been done with it. For adult fans of YA, it left a little something to be desired.


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