Sea Witch

51bsi1ybail-_sx328_bo1204203200_Sea Witch by Helen Hollick

I read it as a: paperback

Source: my own collection. Actually, it was a gift from Helen for a favor I did for her on her website. ❤

Length: 314 pp

Publisher: SilverWood Books of Bristol

Year: 2011

Thoughts: I have to confess that if I hadn’t received the prequel to this series, I likely wouldn’t have read this, even though I’ve read all of Helen’s other books and loved them. I had never really been too interested in pirates beyond generally romanticizing them like everyone else, and enjoying the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. It’s not generally the time period I’m into. But she sent me the prequel to review and I LOVED it, and then she sent me this as a gift for some help I gave on her website, and now I want to read the whole series. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. I LOVE this series so much.

In this first book of the Jesamiah Acorne series, readers are introduced to Jesamiah, obviously, and learn a little of his history. We get to know about life on the sea and I, at least, learned a whole lot of cool things about ships. And some truly delightful expressions and vocabulary. I am well equipped for the next International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This book was chock full of action and adventure, a ton of humor, and plenty of romance. I loved Tiola and her strength, I loved Rue and his wit, and I adore Jes for his bravery and his vulnerability. These are not characters on a page, they are people who breathe and feel and love and suffer and I tell the truth when I say I am going to run right out and pick up the rest of the series. I never thought I’d fall in love with a historical series that wasn’t medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian, but I did. I read this in one sitting and I can’t wait to jump into the next book.

My favorite scene in the whole book (and there were many awesome scene to choose from) was when Jes helped Tiola deliver a baby.

And another scene even had a line that I added to my commonplace book, which doesn’t happen often.

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