The Kill Fee

51kb9sptu2l-_sx324_bo1204203200_The Kill Fee  by Fiona Veitch Smith

I read it as a: paperback

Source: my own collection

Length: 330 pp

Publisher: Lion FIction

Year: 2016

Thoughts: The second instalment of the Poppy Denby series finds our intrepid heroine chasing down a killer who is after a stolen Faberge egg. The egg may contain a document containing information about the monarchs and other ruling members of European society, enough to destabilize every government and draw the continent back into war again. Key to finding the egg are members from a Russian noble family who were thought to have been murdered years ago. Poppy and her colleagues are trying to track down the egg and missing Russian nobility before the killer strikes again, this time at one of Poppy’s inner circle.

This book was as tautly written as the first in the series. The action was fast paced and the plot was complex without being unbelievable. The characters, including the secondary ones, were interesting and fun in their various ways. I enjoyed getting to know more about Poppy and Rollo. Rollo is my favorite, I believe, next to Poppy herself. I do enjoy a strong lady Bright Young Thing. However, not gonna lie. I just – can’t – care about the Russian stuff. It wasn’t anything the author did that I felt was badly handled or anything. I just don’t care about and have never been interested in Russian stuff, current politics excepted. Don’t know why, just not my jam. So this took me forever to read because I wasn’t all that invested in the actual plot, though it was well written.

I am, however, excited to read the next in the series, which I started today.



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